Monday, March 21, 2016

GDS Technologies - Energy from Water?

I've been watching GDS Technologies for a while now ( and I am intrigued with the idea of generating power using their system and water alone.  To me, it sounds too good to be true, although the underlying technology has been investigated for a while now.

Just recently, their website had the banner:

The first 2500 units of the GDS5000 will be released and ready for delivery by July 5, 2016

But as of today (March 21, 2016) they removed it from their website.  Does that mean the technology does not work, or is it just a delay in the manufacturing process?

The other thing that concerns me is their disclaimer:

Our generators are for emergency backup use only. For warranty purpose, maximum run time is 4 continuous hours per day.

It makes me wonder if it's just a glorified battery that runs for 4 hours and then is recharged?

I'm optimistic about energy generation and alternatives, but this company does raise a lot of questions...

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  1. Latest update, they now say "Units will be ready for shipping the first 100 units by the end of May 2017." It's always six month out...