Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting around the Government Shutdown websites

So, if you're like me you've found quite a number of government websites that are down due to the government shutdown.  This is very annoying if you're looking for information on one of these websites and can't get to it. However, there is a solution for most of the static data... Google Cache.

One of the benefits of Google scouring the web is that they keep cached versions of many of the documents and web pages for a period of time.  To access those, just click on the "cached" version when you do a Google search.  Here's an example of a search I did on Google:

Notice the little caret next to the return URL in the search list?  Just click on that and you get the option to view the cached version.

While it's not ideal (PDFs are converted to HTML, for example), at least it may get you some of the information you're looking for.

Hope that was helpful!


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